Qlixite offers innovative solutions for small business owners including logo design, marketing products (banners, business cards, rack cards, letterhead, sales booklets, postcards & more), social media management (of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, Google+) and website desgin (including one page websites, multi-page websites, ecommerce sites, custom forms, lead magnets, merchant buttons, PayPal integration & monthly changes). Qlixite offers elite service to make managing your online business presence easier, save you time and money. Instead of hiring a full time social media manager - hire Qlixite and enjoy a team of experts in sales, marketing and online technology.


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Are your logo designs original?
Yes, every logo we create is uniquely designed for each client. We will access stock images or clipart graphics but the arrangement and design will never be re-used or sold to another client.

Do I own my logo?
Yes! Once you have approved your final design - it's yours. Please keep in mind that all other sample designs created throughout the process are not yours to use unless prior arrangments are made.

Will you copy or recreate another logo?
We will remodel a logo that you currently maintain the rights to however we will not copy or recreate another company's logo design. This practice is illegal.

What if I don't like any of the initial designs you send me?
To be honest, it's never happened but if you are truly unhappy with the 3 initial logo designs, we will happily refund your money.

What if I change my mind during the revisions phase and want additional designs created?
We will be happy to create additional designs for you at our hourly design rate.

What if I lose my disc with all of my logo files?
Don't worry! We keep a back-up of your files and will be happy to burn another copy.

What if a printer needs a different type of file in the future?
Just gives us a call and we'll send your file in the proper format - no extra charge.

design process:

1. Consultation 
One of our branding strategists will speak with you to identify your needs & the personality of your business. If what you are interested in will change the type of logo design package - we will discuss this with you at this time.

2. Logo Design Time 
A professional graphic designer will create 3 logo designs for you based on your consultation information.

3. Submit to Client 
We send you the  logo designs samples in PDF form by email. We recommend that you share these designs with business partners, friends, family and clients for feedback. 

4. Review 
Once you decide what you like/don’t like, your branding strategists consults with you again to review changes to focus the design 

5. Revisions 
The designer re-works the chosen logo with your requests -  two revisions are included in our package price but if you require more revisions or designs,those are billed at an hourly rate with client approval. 

6. Approval 
We require written approval of your design. (by email is fine!)

7. Delivery 
We deliver your logo to you in a variety of formats and with variations for your use in media (ie: gray scale, flat 2-color etc) on disc or through e-mail based on what is convenient for you.


  • Professional grade fonts & shapes

  • Variations: Colors, Layouts & Formats for Basic, Web & Professional Use

  • We Maintain a Backup of Your Design

  • Our Guarantee: We provide additional format variations in the future at no additional charge.


A Pro Logo Design will be composed of Layered Text and custom drawn illustrations. The take considerable time to create and will be 100% unique to you!


A Plus Logo Design will be composed of text, basic graphics or pictures. We can cutout and eliminate portions of photographs and clipart images to make a design just for you!


A Basic Logo Design will be composed of text and simple 2D shapes. Simple elements such as shadows and shading can be added to give depth.



Qlixite has three logo packages to fit your needs and your budget. If you have any questions about which package is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us or give us a call at 800-596-6218.

Logo Design

every business needs a brand

Your logo is the "face" of your company so it's what most people see during their first impression. When considering a logo remember...  

• A logo promotes your professionalism and instills trust to your customer that you are a legitimate business. 
• It should not look like you made the design in Microsoft Word in 2 seconds. Think of names like Chevron, Pepsi and Google. Their logos are not necessarily complex but it would be difficult to recreate it in a simple software program. 
• A logo should be memorable. All designs should utilize a consistent font, color set and symbol so that anyone can see your logo and make the connection of who you are and what you offer.

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