Qlixite offers innovative solutions for small business owners including logo design, marketing products (banners, business cards, rack cards, letterhead, sales booklets, postcards & more), social media management (of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, Google+) and website desgin (including one page websites, multi-page websites, ecommerce sites, custom forms, lead magnets, merchant buttons, PayPal integration & monthly changes). Qlixite offers elite service to make managing your online business presence easier, save you time and money. Instead of hiring a full time social media manager - hire Qlixite and enjoy a team of experts in sales, marketing and online technology.


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Facebook - As a business on Facebook - we help you connect with fans and build a community where you are the expert they WANT to be connected with.

Twitter - Most businesses think Twitter is just for teens - it's not! Twitter is about quick communication and can spread a message 
like wildfire.

​Google Plus - Similar to Facbeook, Google+ offers ways to connect with a variety of people and is highly valued by the largest 
search engine - Google!

Linkedin - If your company is interested in connecting with other business professionals, Linkedin is the place to be. We can not only post to your business page but sponsor ads to grow your followers.

YouTube - Video is a hot commodity on any social platform right now and since YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine - a powerful presence can add to your success! Not only can we post videos but we can also create short videos about your products and services.

Pinterest - If your client is plugged into visuals - your business might benefit greatly from a Pinterest account.

Remember: Social Media Marketing is more than just posts and tweets. It's about a complete strategy that should be incorporated into your entire marketing plan. Your commitment into using modern marketing tools will directly factor into your success.

Now...what will it REALLY cost?

You can use the example packages above but we have found that our services yield the more amazing results when we build a true custom plan for a business based on specific goals. If you're interested in growing your social media presence, we advise that you follow our First Steps to Success:

first steps to success: 

  • Let's talk! We want you to achieve your dreams - whether that means 5,000 Facebook Fans or doubling your income. We want to know the specifics. 
  • We Build! After we know exactly what you want from your social media then we'll go to work building a tailored strategy to meet your goals and an expected time frame of measurable results in 3, 6 and 12 months.
  • You Choose - How Fast, How Much! We'll deliver a quote with 3 plan options. Each plan will offer varying levels of desired return and required investment. You pick which one you want. This lets you dictate how quickly you want to see results.
  • 50% Deposit. To get the ball rolling, we require half of the investment at the start of the project. As the initial phases go into effect, the remaining balance is due.

Goal oriented focus

What are you hoping to achieve with social media? Do you want more referrals? Do you want a place for current customers to "hang out"? Do you need new clients? All of these can be achieved with a Qlixite Social Media Plan that is tailored to your specific goals. We can be as aggressive as you need! 

Every Qlixite Social Media Plan: 

  • Includes regular posting of status updates & images
  • Includes options to offer promotions & sweepstakes
  • Includes ads to attract 'Likes' and 'Followers' 
  • Includes Regular Monitoring to Remove Spam
  • Includes a Lead Capture System

Friend vs. Employee vs. Qlixite

As a business owner you have a decision to make - let a friend play around with your profiles, hire or appoint an employee to handle your social media or outsource to a professional social media manager (like us at Qlixite).

Some points to consider: 

  • A friend or family member will never be able to devote the time needed to develop a consistent and successful marketing campaign. 
  • An employee must be trained and may require additional education to generate a social media strategy.
  • A professional social media manager understands how to use social media for BUSINESS.
  • Qlixite will create a strategy based on your specific goals. We stay current on trends and bring years of experience in internet marketing.

Plus PACKAGE • $199/mo

Our plus social management package includes posting to two platforms twice a week plus 1 trending post share. We can repeat posts at no additional charge and add on ad management to increase impact. ​Also includes reputation management and comment interaction response.


Is Qlixite a reseller of Facebook, Twitter etc?
No. All of these social platforms are free to join and use. We do not officially represent these companies in any way.

Will Qlixite supply the content for my Facebook, Twitter etc.?
You know your business better than anyone so Qlixite cannot generate content for your social platform. We will however, make suggestions so you can get the most from your social presence.

Can I change the layout of my Facebook or Twitter page?
Because Facebook and Twitter are third party companies, there are limitations when it comes to changing the way information is displayed. If you have a specific question, be sure to ask!

How long does it take to setup my Facebook or Twitter business page?
It can take 1-2 weeks to build your profile depending on how quickly you get us the content for the page.

What is a 'Widget'?
A widget is a featured item you can add to your blog. Examples are: hit counter, subscribe form, slideshow, link, archive, popular posts, tag menu and more!

How does social media help my website?
Having accounts that link to your website not only provides additional avenues for people to find you but also helps with search engine positioning.

platforms we love:​​

starter PACKAGE • $99/mo

Our basic social management package includes posting to one platform twice a week. We can repeat posts at no additional charge and add on ad management to increase impact. Also includes reputation management and comment interaction response.

where to start? need help?

Social media has changed the way people connect with businesses - feel like your missing out? Our uniquely designed social media marketing service allows us to do the heavy lifting of establishing your social community...and growing it to achieve your goal - more business! 

Every Qlixite Social Media Plan: 

  • ​Is Tailored to Your Business & Industry
  • Includes Monthly Strategy Coaching
  • Offers Measurable Results Focused on Your Goal 
  • Integrates With Your Website and Blog
  • Includes Help with Content​

Power PACKAGE • $599/mo

Our power social management package includes posting to three platforms four times a week with 3 trending post shares. We can repeat posts at no additional charge and add on ad management to increase impact. ​Also includes reputation management and comment interaction response.

Pro PACKAGE • $399/mo

Our pro social management package includes posting to two platform three times a week with 2 trending post shares. We can repeat posts at no additional charge and add on ad management to increase impact. ​Also includes reputation management and comment interaction response.


Fact: Search engines love current and engaging content. Reality...Can you update your website

every week with new products or services? Probably not. This is why blogging offers such a great option.


  • We can design and optimize a blog using popular platforms such as Blogger [operated by Google] and Wordpress.
  • Our blogs include installation of widgets and features that allow for people to easily subscribe and connect with your content.
  • We also offer ghost-writing services in which we write the blog posts for you based on your content requests & requirements.
  • We include reputation management and comment spam removal with every blog management plan.
  • We can also include lead capture forms to side bar and posts to grow your database from your readership. 

Remember: Social Media is not a perfect science. Be careful when someone offers to sell you 'fans.' While high numbers are great - these might not be your potential customer or even real people! Quality versus quantity is key!

Remember: Outsourcing your social media to a professional saves money on costs such as worker's compensation, social security & medicare!

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